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The Wheel of Time turns…

9 Mar

James Oliver Rigney Junior, a man better known to readers everywhere as Robert Jordan, wrote what is today arguably the most successful, best known and widely read of all modern fantasy series in the form of The Wheel of Time. Sadly, Jordan (I’m going to use his better known pen-name from now on) died in 2007, before he managed to complete his epic, and it was left to his friend and fellow fantasy author Brandon Sanderson to finish his work from the extensive notes that he left behind. Jordan’s fans are sometimes, rather unfairly, referred to as the Trekkies of the fantasy genre and his critics (many of whom, oddly enough, are former fans) are well known for being rather… erm, vitriolic in their opinions. When you add the fact that we are talking about an author who tragically passed away before he had the opportunity to complete his life’s work, any criticism or evaluation of The Wheel of Time is fraught with difficulty at the outset. It is therefore with some trepidation that I approach the question (which I nonetheless think is an important one to answer): is The Wheel of Time actually any good?

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