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The Symphony of Ages

1 Jun

Elizabeth Haydon’s novels are lyrical, literate and captivating, though not as well known as they should be. The Symphony of Ages is written as a history in which the eras of time in the universe are recounted in seven distinct ages. The debut trilogy, Rhapsody, Prophecy and Destiny, and the subsequent sequels, are set at the end of the Fifth Age, the age of Schism, and the beginning of the Sixth Age, the Age of Twilight. A giant tree stands at each of the locations, known as the birthplaces of Time, where the five primordial elements – air, fire, water, earth and ether – first appeared in the world. The oldest of these World Trees is Sagia, which grows on the island of Serendair, the birthplace of ether. It is through the interconnected roots of Sagia that three people, all half-breeds, running from different pursuers, escape the cataclysm that destroys the island and find themselves on the other side of the world sixteen centuries later. So begins an epic, world- and time-spanning tale, which somehow still manages to maintain an intimate focus on the main characters whom we follow through struggle and heartache to their ultimate destiny.

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