Mythic Archetypes


Here Be Dragons

Sorcerers, Shamans, Sages and Seers

Fantasy Vampires

The Norse Myths

Infernal Engines: Steampunk

King Arthur: Fact or Fantasy?

The Dark Art of the Necromancer

The Holly King

Merlin: The Man behind the Myth

The Fields beyond the Fields

Dark Legends of the Distant Steppes

Mythic Resonance

Robin of Sherwood

The Mark of the Beast

Urban Faerie

Born to Exile

The Hero’s Journey

The Dark Court

The Forever Trees of the First Forest

The Romany Road

Children’s Fantasy

The Trickster

A Knight’s Tale

In the Company of Wolves

When Giants Walked the Earth

Barbarians at the Gate!

Winter is Coming

Egypt’s Divine Kingship

Thomas the Rhymer

Castles in the Air

Reavers of the Seven Seas

Beware the Loa!

Wisdom of the Trees

One Hundred Realms

Angels in America

Worlds Without End

Rites of Spring

Legend of the Lionheart


Man and Superman

Remember the Titans?

Secrets of the Stones

The Atlantis of Wales

Drums of Autumn

Thor’s Oak

The Lost Realms of King Arthur

The Myth Makers

Spirits of the Great Plains

The City of Dreaming Spires

Lords of Midsummer

The Sorcerer

Beneath the Waves

Puck of Pook’s Hill

Journey to the West

The Light Fantastic

The Dark Fantastic

India’s Eternal Cycle

The Lost Kingdoms

Fearsome Critters

Celtic Otherworlds

The Realm of Ice and Fire

Samhain, Feast of the Dead

Philadelphia by Night

Spirits of the Sacred Skies

Faith and Fantasy: American Gods

A Touch of Frost

Realm of the Rising Sun

The Irish Folk Music Tradition

Faire Game

The Epic of Gilgamesh

American Mythic

The 10 percent of the brain myth

The Seventh Circle of Hell

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