The Siege

Anduin is a soldier in the fabled Twelfth Mercenary Company of Brandenburg. His captain accepts an odd commission – to go to the aid of the mysterious ‘Little People’ of the Carnassial Mountains. The Little People, or Dvergar as they prefer to be known, are besieged within the fortress of Carrock Tor by an unknown enemy. The mercenaries soon find themselves facing much more than they bargained for, however, when the true nature of the enemy becomes clear. Even worse than that, it appears that those besieged within Carrock Tor also have to deal with a murderous foe within their midst, one which is every bit as malevolent as the enemy at their gates. As the valiant defenders of Carrock Tor slowly get picked off, Anduin begins to wonder whether any of them will live to return to the world beyond the mountains.

This short story is set in the same world as Blood of the Phoenix and Time of the Liche King. Click below to read an extract.

The Siege

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