The White Brock

This is the story of the mythical animal realm of Oakenheart and the epic struggle of its warriors against the evil which threatens them all. Click on the link below to read an extract.

The White Brock

One Response to “The White Brock”

  1. gracestories May 25, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    This is a elaborate, thought-through plot. You have been gifted with brilliance in the art of story weaving. Thank you for sharing your work with us. You have me very curious about what has happened to the brocks in this village that has made no contact for such a long time. Are they in hiding? Has it been overtaken? Or have they deserted?

    I really like the relationship you’ve built in a few short pages between the two main characters. I especially like the respect the two have for each other–not a tired, worn out respect, but something of real beauty, like looking at a mountain against the sky’s backdrop. This is very refreshing in a long line of modern stories where the main characters chafe each other or are very sarcastic to each other. The relationship between these two characters helps give this story an “old world” feel.

    My favorite part is when the younger brock stops for the older brock. You’ve hit on a very real interaction there that is both easy to relate to–because most of us have had some kind of similar occurrence where we pretended to do something for ourselves when we were really doing something for someone else–and a kind of selfless love that’s very rare. This is a jewel of a moment and you capture the emotions extremely well.

    Instead of connecting with one or the other of the characters, I connect to both. That’s a gift in story-telling. I would like to see a map with this story, the kind that accompanies the LOTR series or the Chronicles or Narnia. You’ve created a world intriguingly different from ours. I look forward to seeing your work in the time to come.

    The name Oakenheart is beautiful.

    Christ’s blessings on your life,
    Teej (gracestories)

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